What really blocks your abundance that other programs don't talk about?
Enneagram & Abundance
A Powerful 3-day Online Retreat
Yes, I Want to Find My Abundance Blocks
How Does Your Ego Keep You Impoverished?
As a no Ego Graduate, you are already aware of the subversive power of ego. You know that your Enneatype fixation, with its many fearful masquerades, is the cause and the shaper of the suffering you experience in every area of life.
But what role does it play in your abundance and wealth?
What Enneagram specific traps keep your deepest heart’s desires at bay?
At the Enneagram & Abundance Retreat
You'll Clear Out:
Ego-Related Issues
around manifesting, growing and gracefully letting go of abundance
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Subconscious Barriers
to financial wealth, success and innate greatness that come with each Enneatype
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Specific Insecurities & Games
that quietly steal away our quality of life
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Unconscious Tendencies
to ‘cop out’ and settle for far less than we deserve
Event Timings
09:00 – 19:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30

09:00 - 19:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30

09:00 - 17:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30
Event Timings
09:00 – 19:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30

09:00 - 19:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30

09:00 - 17:00 Lunch approx. 13:00 / 13:30
In This 3-Day Immersion You'll Create:
A freshly empowered life-view, born from effortless confidence and trust.
A personalised action plan to guide you in expressing and living from the soul, from true oneness and connection to all that live has to offer.
A brand-new, conscious path into a free and soaring future.
The possibility of living from limitless potential, creativity and joy in all you do
to Take a Radically Different Look at How Your Fixations Impact All Aspects of Abundance and Wealth:
Price €797  €597
Early Bird 25% discount
until 30th December 2024

Use coupon code: ENABDISC22 at the checkout
Hear what others say about the Enneagram & Abundance
Dawn Okel
This online format was surprisingly effective in finding the deeper hidden beliefs that have choked back the vital life force energy for so long.  I feel fully released after this very healing, deeply nourishing, beautiful weekend. I highly recommend this retreat with Kevin.
Sandra Duke
This weekend has been pivotal in my life.  The depth of processing was amazing.  This retreat allowed me to dive deeper than ever before and shed painful limitations. I feel so free of ego games that I have allowed to DRIVE my life.  I am so excited as I open into my future free of these games.  This work has opened my heart to a whole new possibility of being.  I feel blessed beyond measure! Thank you Kevin and trainer team. This was profoundly beautiful.
Kristine Dreitser 

The Enneagram and Abundance weekend helped me finally feel the emotions I’ve been distracting myself from and it helped me uncover my hearts deepest desires. It helped me uncover what emotions and experiences were holding me back from allowing abundance freely into my life. I now feel a deeper sense of trust, peace and connection

Belinda Griffin

What was uncovered this weekend was beyond anything that I have touched on before.  Thank you all so much for holding space for such life changing processing to occur this weekend.  From a heart filled with love and gratitude.

Amy Jecheva

Thank you so much for the deepening expansion into freedom that I experienced as a result of these three beautiful days together!  I now believe, feel, and know that I can create the abundant life of my dreams and I look forward to experiencing this as it unfolds. My heart is filled with so much gratitude and grace! 


The best part is that the class worked! I am at the bank right now making a down payment on my new home that years ago I thought would have been way too expensive for me to buy. Yet I was approved for a great loan on my own income so I'm thrilled! 😁

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