Liberate your highest human potential and realize the truth of your divine self. Over several intense, dynamic and liberating retreats you’ll uproot and destroy forgotten patterns that have devastated your life; shine the spotlight onto unconscious reactions that have sabotaged your dreams; and free yourself to live life to the full.

You’ll become a beacon of liberation as you deepen in your own truth and authenticity, you’ll free yourself from hidden, unhealthy habits and addictions and live a life of openness, health and true choice. You’ll let the fire of liberation burn through the illusion of separation and set you free and reveal your true greatness and experience limitless, ego-free possibility.

Begin to live in enlightened awareness in a matter of months, not decades and experience self-realization — not as a passing state, but as the truth of your existence.
Advanced No Ego - In the Fire of Freedom
7 day Satsang retreat with Brandon Bays
For years, Brandon only ever held the Advanced No Ego Retreat in India, at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala. It is said that liberation is possible there in an instant.
But what if prayer and intention could bring the presence of this holy place, this powerful, liberating energy right into our midst?
The consuming fire of this presence has the power to pull apart the scaffolding of the Ego, to burn through the lies of our fixation and bring us to true peace.
Prerequisite: Life Transformation Week
Enneagram & Abundance
3-day retreat online with Kevin Billett
As a no Ego Graduate, you are already aware of the subversive power of ego. You know that your Enneatype fixation, with its many fearful masquerades, is the cause and the shaper of the suffering you experience in every area of life.  But what role does it play in your abundance and wealth?  What Enneagram specific traps keep your deepest heart’s desires at bay?  Join this course to create the possibility of living from limitless potential, creativity and joy in all you do!

Prerequisite: No Ego
Ongoing membership with Monthly live teachings from Kevin Billett
Unlock your infinite potential and live a life of purpose and meaning!  This membership contains profound and insightful teachings from the Enneagram Masterclass: Discover some of the extraordinary secrets the Enneagram has to reveal about the veils of the ego, the impossible binds we create and the effects of our core instinctual drives on every aspect of life, and learn how to clear them.  The membership includes many unique ego-fixation realisations that are not available elsewhere.

PLUS Authentic Greatness:  Your innate genius lays buried and dormant inside you. It’s time to liberate it, time to soar! Come and clear the limitations, blocks and self-saboteurs that hold you back and keep you small or unfulfilled. Discover a stillness and clarity of purpose by tapping into your deepest self, your innate genius, and flourish in all areas of life. And much, much more!
Prerequisite: No Ego
No Ego Coaching 
Deepen, integrate and transform every area of your life and receive ongoing support after the No Ego Retreat.
During this support programme, you will integrate the radical changes you underwent at the No Ego Retreat, become even clearer about your core fixation – including its implications, avoidances, needs, drivers and traps! Plus, you’ll understand even more deeply the power of the Enneagram model to help you see through the games of the ego.
  • 6 Live call sessions with Kevin Billett
  • Bi-weekly pod meetings and process swaps with fellow participants
  • Access to replays for the duration of the Coaching Program
Prerequisite: No Ego
Life Coaching Masterclass
5-day retreat online with Kevin Billett
Deepen and broaden your transformational skills, learn to work effectively towards specific goals with your clients, and unlock your professional and financial potential by becoming a Journey Accredited Life Coach.
Prerequisite:  Journey Practitioner Programme/Life Transformation Week  (you do not need to be Accredited to attend this course)
NOTE:  If you wish to receive certification as a Journey Accredited Life Coach, you must ALSO have completed 2 years within the Life Transformation Mastery Programme with Kevin AND be an Accredited Journey Practitioner.